Trail System Status

Fort Collins Trail Although we attempt to keep the status of the trails updated for your convenience, sometimes closures happen quickly for safety concerns, and may not be updated on this page.

When you come upon barricades, please obey the detours. This can be an inconvenience but they are in place for your safety. Always be aware of the possibility of high water along the river and use caution when traveling along the trail at underpasses.

Reminder: The Poudre River and Spring Creek can flood the trails during a heavy rain. Please be aware of low areas and underpasses on the trails during a rain event. The Parks staff watches for any flooding and will post warnings and detours in areas of concern as soon as is possible, but individuals need to be aware and prepared to use alternate routes in case of flooding. Please obey the detours as they are in place for your safety.

Power Trail Construction Along Trilby: The City of Fort Collins has begun construction on a new recreational trail project in southeast Fort Collins. The project will include the construction of over one mile of new ten feet wide, colored concrete, a concrete underpass across Trilby Road and two steel pedestrian bridges that span Fossil Creek and a drainage crossing. The project will connect the Lemay intersection and Power Trail together along the north side of Trilby. The project will also complete the Fossil Creek Trail connection to the south to the Greenstone segment and SH 392. The project began in September 2014 and will be completed in January 2015.

Mulberry Bridge Underpass Detour 9/26

Poudre Trail Closure Tafthill Road to Lee Martinez Park

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Status Trail
Open Fossil Creek Trail
Open Mason Trail
Partial closure Poudre Trail view closure details

Update - Jan 29, 2015:   The pedestrian bridge along Mulberry St. that spans the Poudre River has been removed. Pedestrian traffic is prohibited on Mulberry Street between Riverside Avenue and Lemay Avenue until fall 2015. A signed detour will be in place along Lemay Avenue and Riverside Avenue. Poudre Trail users will continue to have access across Mulberry Street at the traffic signal at Lemay Avenue. As part of the construction for the new Mulberry traffic bridge, the underpass for the Poudre Trail at Mulberry is also closed. Trail users will be directed to detour to the intersection of Lemay and Mulberry, utilizing the crosswalks and bike lanes to return access to the Poudre Trail.

Trail work is continuing on the east side of Lemay Avenue as part of the new Poudre Trail alignment which includes a new Poudre River pedestrian bridge installation. Trail work is expected to force the closure of the trail periodically, and trail users will be detoured along Hoffman Mill Road and Nix Farm to re-connect to the Poudre Trail.

REMINDER:  Poudre Trail is CLOSED from Tafthill Road to Lee Martinez Park.  PLEASE comply with the closures and detour in that is in place.  This includes the Poudre trail from the Shields pedestrian bridge east of McMurray Natural Area.  Thank you.


*Attention Poudre Trail users* please be aware of multiple upcoming construction projects along the Poudre Trail that will impact trail users. Work is being performed to re-stabilize river banks related to flood erosion and also planned trail improvements. Work is expected along the Poudre Trail in the following locations: Between Taft Hill Road and Lee Martinez Park; The Confluence of the Poudre Trail and Spring Creek Trail;  East of College Avenue at the BNSF Railroad bridge; and Mulberry / Lemay Avenue underpass and access ramps. Work is expected to be complete at all locations by mid-July 2015. Trail detours will be posted, and updates available through the Trails web page. Trail users can also sign up on the web page to receive trail notifications through email.

Poudre Trail at Shields St.  
-Currently closed through mid-July 2015
-Poudre Trail closed between Lee Martinez Park and Taft Hill Rd
-Closure due to Utility construction, bridge replacement, trail     underpass re-alignment, area improvements
-Detour route utilizes North Taft Hill Rd., West Vine Ave., Wood St., Elm St. and Lee Martinez Park
-Work includes both City and County Engineering projects

Poudre Trail at Wood St.              
-Work is concurrent with existing trail closure between Lee Martinez Park and Taft Hill Rd.
-Work needed due to replacement of river bank stabilization material
-Work expected mid-December to mid-February
-City Stormwater Utility project

Poudre Trail at Confluence of Spring Creek Trail
-Work is expected to begin in about 1 month
-Poudre Trail closure between Timberline Avenue and Prospect Road
-Spring Creek Closure between Prospect Avenue and Poudre Trail
-Work needed due to replacement of river bank stabilization material
-Work is expected to last for 2 weeks
-City Stormwater Utility project

Poudre Trail East of College Ave at BNSF Railroad Trestle
-Work is expected to begin in about 1 month
-Poudre Trail closure between College Avenue and Linden St.
-Work needed due to replacement of river bank stabilization material
-Work is expected to last for 2 weeks
-City Stormwater Utility project

Poudre Trail at Mulberry / Lemay Ave.
-Work expected to impact trail users mid February 2015 – June 2015
-Poudre Trail access ramps from Lemay impacted – no set date on closures / detours yet
-Work needed due to pedestrian bridge installation, stormwater river bank grading
-Park Planning and City Stormwater Utility projects (separate projects, working to coordinate).

Poudre Trail at Fossil Creek Ditch (Environmental Learning Center)
-Work may begin before Jan 1, 2015 (currently out to bid for construction contractors)
-Work is dependent on Poudre River flow, may not happen until late next year
-Poudre Trail closure between Prospect Rd. and Environmental Learning Center
-Work is needed to rebuild head-gate / river weir for Fossil Creek Ditch
-Fossil Creek Ditch Company project




Open Power Trail
Open Redwood Trail
Open Rendezvous Trail
Open Spring Creek Trail
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Please note that walks/runs will occur on various sections of the trails throughout the year. Please be cautious of large groups on the following dates:

To report problems along the trail system, contact Parks main office at 970-221-6660 or email